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Hi! My name is Mr. Green Energy and this is Green Energy Approved, the #1 site to go for the latest stories, topics, and products relating to green energy technologies and an eco-friendly world. The goal is to “Change the World, One Purchase at a Time.” And to do that, G.E.A wants to highlight all the amazing advances humankind has made, in pursuance to a more sustainable and efficient future.

All the items you find on this site, have been researched to have instant impact, either within your home or supplemented to your daily activities. Our goal is to not only shift the way we all view reusable, renewable and sustainable products but also to educate each other on what we can do to improve our planet’s ecosystem on a daily basis.

The recommendations suggested emphasize economically friendly. Green Energy Approved takes pride knowing that every action taken on this site, incrementally raises the impact we make in bringing humankind closer to a “greener” future.

In addition, Green Energy Approved maintains a high standard of ethical journalistic integrity. G.E.A. does not take any consultation from our revenue group and always attempts to maintain a neutral bias in every subject we research to ensure we gather accurate data without any outside influence.

Letting You Know

Green Energy Approved earns affiliate commissions from Amazon and other affiliate programs for qualifying purchases. The opinions expressed about the independently selected products mentioned in this content are those of Green Energy Approved, not Amazon or any other affiliate partner.

A portion of Green Energy Approved profits goes to Samaritan’s Purse International Relief charity. 

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