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A Quick Word On the Immune System and Being Healthy

Information you get in America and the reports on health from around the world are very different. During the coronavirus, South Korea, China, Italy, and many others, have recommended zinc as an inexpensive way to help the body fight or to lessen it’s effects! The World will get that information but you Americans will not! …

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Time to Reevaluate

Changing times require changing attitudes. So many young people graduating college are coming back to live with their parents and in many cases putting strain on the living situation. Many are going into debt forcing people to stay working a job they don’t want because they are on the financial treadmill and don’t have the …

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The Mini-Home, A Revolution!

A trend is on the rise! A revolution is occurring! A new home is a click away? Yes, that is exactly right. Maybe not one click but probably less than five. Fun fact. Most properties from California to Maine are 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre lots. Instead of a giant grass area requiring massive water, …

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Own Your Own Solar System!

Have you ever thought of Going Off the Grid? It may sound daunting but setting up your own system that allows you to generate your own power is much easier than you probably realized. After all, not being connected to the power grid and being in control of your own power is definitely a win. …

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Finally Decided to Go GREEN? Read This!

Have you ever heard of Earth Day? It is a day dedicated to looking at our influence on planet Earth, how we use natural resources, and how we can be more responsible about how we live. If we are truthful, most of us have not abused the planet! The bought and paid for media stopped …

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