Energy Efficient Solar Products for Your Home

Solar! Yes, now we are talking. Here at Green Energy Approved we love us some solar power. All that immense power just waiting to be harnessed by us. The idea alone has us jumping for joy so imagine how we feel seeing all the amazing developments people like you are creating to benefit the world. Keep up the good work team.

Ok, down to business. Due to the current challenges with greenhouse emissions and pollutions from fossil fuels, solar-powered systems and products are highly favored because their source of energy is none other than our magnificent sun.  Pure, clean, awesome. Almost as if it was meant to provide us with all the energy we need. Imagine that?

2018 has been a magnificent year for renewable energy and solar took center stage. Actual solar products for the home are a real thing now and man do they rock.  Now that you know this, choose the product that is not only energy efficient but also capable of working perfectly time after time to serve your home, office and any other place you decide needs some love.

GEA knows this process can get overwhelming. It’s why we do what we do. We will keep providing as long as you keep searching. Check out the following solar products handpicked and approved as some of the best you can get anywhere.

Remember, purchase smart and more importantly, purchase green.

Solar Attic Fan

It’s hard to say no to simple, eco-friendly and effective. The Natural Light 24-Watt Solar Attic Fan definitely deserves some attention. Once you have this durable solar attic fan, you can lower the cooling loads on your air conditioning units as well as your electric bill. Many building contractors and homeowners have tried out this solar attic fan, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

The high-quality materials not only guarantee its going to work but also make sure your home will stay cool for years. The powder-coated aluminum used for it is aircraft-grade. The manufacturers have so much confidence in the quality of this product that they give it a 25-year limited warranty. So, keep up the maintenance and you can be certain it will last.

The venting capacity of Natural Light 24-Watt Solar Attic Fan is estimated to be about 2,100 square feet; This makes it suitable for small, medium and large homes, offices and so on. The solar panel on the attic fan can be adjusted from its original flat position to as much as a 45-degrees. If you want to detach it entirely, go right ahead. It will still pick up the energy.

This solar attic fan comes with every item you need to get started for optimal functionality and it will do the job well. Small investment, big reward. That’s what we like here at GEA.

If you prefer do-it-yourself installation, we provided a video here. The process may take an hour or two depending on your skill level. However, a quick install is almost guaranteed considering there is no wiring required.

Solar Fan System

This Cowin Solar Fan System has everything a portable solar fan system needs to be exceptional. The packaging includes a 16-inch solar fan blade, an AC adapter, and a 15W solar panel that has a 19.6-feet cable. The additional kits inside the package include an outlet converter and a USB port.

Three-speed modes range from 1350 RPM or as low as 1000 RPM. You can regulate the levels you need at any time.

The rechargeable battery has a capacity of 12V/4.5Ah which has over-discharge and overcharge protection. If the battery is charged more than its 5-hour charging time or completely discharged, you do not need to worry about the fan system having issues. A full charge results in 4 hours of use at high speed and 8 hours at low speed. So many hours and not a single bit of energy used from your home. Super cool!

If you are unable to get enough sunlight to charge the system, you can make use of the AC adapter and charge with electricity so that you continue using it. Its 19.6-feet cable allows you to take your fan anywhere.

A USB port and led light are pre-included/installed.

Solar Garden Lights

Need a spotlight for your landscaping, walkways, gardens and other outdoor spaces? Check out the

This product contains two outdoor spotlights with warm white light, two spikes, six screws and a manual. It has an enhanced LED with an output of 200 lumens that is bright enough to illuminate your garden and beautify your home.

First time ever using the word beautify in a review but hey we did say we like the truth.

After a full charge of 4 to 5 hours, its 2200mAh Li-ion battery can keep your garden or walkway illuminated for up to 10 hours with its fully adjustable lights. Without a doubt, the Nekteck Solar Powered Garden Spotlight will brighten up your garden all night long. It also has two light modes – dim light mode and high light mode.

Installation of the Nekteck Solar Powered Garden Spotlight is a no brainer. Proper placement and a few screws later will have it up and running. So many ways to save energy!

Interested in more of Green Energy Approved recommended products? We have a ton of really cool stuff that’s handpicked by us and more importantly environmentally friendly, reusable, sustainable and renewable. Take a look at our official Amazon affiliate store.





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