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Incoming! We think our kitchens contribute a ton to environmental pollution, what do you think? Yes, we are all aware that pollution directly affects our health. Eye problems, respiratory illnesses, and cancers are chief among the health problems of pollutions but how much of this are you really aware of?

Didn’t mean to worry you right off the bat but we like to speak on some things. Especially certain important things that really do matter. So let’s just say that we all care for the environment and we all strive to put together a kitchen that is considered eco-friendly right? Now that we put that out there here is another one, there is no such thing as an eco-kitchen without the right goods.  That’s exactly where Green Energy Approved comes in. We recommend the stuff approved by us!  Don’t bother wasting the time because we have done it for you. It really is the idea! Check out these products and make it happen.

Bamboo Stovetop

A beautiful stovetop solution that can make cooking more fun, easier and more convenient. With a size of 29.5” length x 21.25” width x 2.5” height, you can use this product to increase your cooking surfaces.

This bamboo stovetop has a built-in juice groove that helps you make your countertops and stove to be super clean and tidy. Also, its work surface is light and strong; hence, this stovetop will never be the reason your knives become dull.

Want to position your stovetop in different positions away from your stove burners? You are safe with Camco Bamboo Stovetop. You can adjust the legs up to 3.5”; therefore, you can position them around the stove burners with so much ease.

Take advantage of Camco Bamboo Stovetop to add extra workspace to your kitchen and enjoy cooking more than ever.

Bamboo Storage

A stuffed cabinet can make your kitchen look like an overloaded warehouse. We can’t stand a messy kitchen and if you are reading this, you probably can’t either.

Get yourself the Lipper International 8883 Bamboo Wood 3-Tier Storage Shelf. It is a three-tier corner shelf that can keep a lot of items. Yes, a lot of items including your bowls, plates, spoons, and small towels.

Since it is made from bamboo wood, it is a natural product that is made from a material that can be reused for other purposes. You never can tell what you may need to use this material for in the future. It measures 10” width x 10” depth x 9 ½” height. It has a design that makes it suitable for all kitchen décors.

No more worry about storing your bagels, bread, and baguettes again as this bamboo food storage keeps your food fresh for a long time.

It measures 6.29” in height x 15.74 in width x 10.26 in-depth, and has a sliding door and wooden knob. It does not require assembly; just buy it and start storing your food right away.

A food storage device shouldn’t just be about storing food, right? It should at least be beautiful enough to make you salivate for its contents. This food storage is an elegantly designed product that is made from bamboo and density board. Its wonderful design will fit in anybody’s kitchen!

Plant-Based Kitchen Bags

If you want to store away your kitchen waste in an eco-friendly way, you would probably think of getting a recycled or virgin plastic. What if we told you that there is a product that is more sustainable and more eco-friendly than the plastic you are used to? Well, Plant-Based Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Bags are way better than any other choices because they are reusable products that are made from sugar cane.

As USDA-certified 88% bio-based products, these kitchen bags lower the use of fossil fuel in your kitchen; thus, making your home safer. It has handles that make it easier for you to use. Also, it has a capacity of 13 gallons, so just continue storing your kitchen wastes for as long as you want.

Don’t get caught up in the hype surrounding some of those less effective kitchen bags from popular brands; pick up the puncture- and leak-proof Plant-Based Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Bags now.

Unbleached, Compostable Parchment Paper

One of those companies that actually cares about your cleaning and other household chores. It is a high-quality parchment paper that can be used for a wide range of activities.

It is made from FSC certified latex that is unbleached, compostable and completely chlorine-free. Each pack comes with two 70-sq ft parchment baking papers. These parchment papers are the ideal choice for oven cleaning, house cleaning, gardening, dishwashing, bathroom cleaning, and several other chores.

Check out If You Care FSC Certified Parchment Paper that GEA has to offer and see for yourself why you need to buy one today.

All Natural Wood Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip

It’s magnetic, eco-friendly (all wood), and completely functional. We also think saving space and being organized, especially in the kitchen, is of the utmost importance. So, take a hard look at this wonderful kitchen achievement and make it your own. When we were looking for one of these, we noticed they all had their own specific sizes. When we ran across the best-reviewed item on Amazon and it had custom lengths? Say no more! It’s finished with food-safe oil, completely secure, lasts long, works well and looks great. We love it!

Interested in more of Green Energy Approved recommended products? We have a ton of really cool stuff that’s handpicked by us and more importantly environmentally friendly, reusable, sustainable and renewable. Take a look at our official Amazon affiliate store.




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