Own Your Own Solar System!

Have you ever thought of Going Off the Grid? It may sound daunting but setting up your own system that allows you to generate your own power is much easier than you probably realized.

After all, not being connected to the power grid and being in control of your own power is definitely a win.

“Going Off the Grid”, is easy as plugging in your solar panel to a converter and battery storage and you are ready to rumble.

No need to worry about power. No need to worry about power shutting down on you. No need to worry about running out. The power is in your hands now.

As appliances become increasingly energy-efficient such as refrigeration, LED lighting, laptop computers, and low powered consuming flat panel displays, you can do much more with way less power.

Take a solar generator for example. Have you ever thought of what is possible with only 1 of these and a solar panel? With a solar generator and panel combo, you can power an entire outdoor gathering.

A sound system, a laptop, a computer, a grill, rechargeable lights, a blender, some hotplates, and a bug zapper, can all be powered for hours. We can keep adding items too but figured we could stop there.

It’s 40 pounds and fits in the trunk of your car!!

Green Energy Approved Recommends the Goal Zero Package! A super company with a great reputation and a loyal customer base.

The Goal Zero Package:

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Portable Power Station is the perfect option. It can store 3,075 watt-hours in a replaceable lithium battery pack with a wide variety of high-power outputs capable of running 10 devices at once. This is a quiet, portable powerhouse for cabins, camps, vans, RVs and off-grid homes. The options are endless. Your options are endless.

Lightweight. Sturdy. Efficient. Enough said…

Special Note: For MAXIMUM efficiency add the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium MPPT Solar Charging Optimization Module to speed up solar charging rates by 40%.

The newest trend forming is the use of solar in the mini home build kit market. There are many names for a small house but also many people who are choosing to do things a little differently. Small homes are seriously a thing now and the number of options available to build one are increasing every day. We at Green Energy Approved are all about options.

There are actual homes available for less than $20,000. Real homes, for less than a car purchase. These are pre-cut kits with DIY plans that allow anyone of us to build our own home. Many of these options can be done in less than 3 days. You can do it with family, some friends or, hire a contractor who can do the entire thing for you. Add a solar panel system and you just built your very own home.

When buying a solar unit, you can check your power consumption on your power bill to estimate watt-hours used to estimate your solar power generator needs or, start smaller you can always add a second unit.

It has never been easier to live the simple life. You just need to make the choice!

Take a look at some of our options below. Or, have a look at our store where we have found some of the very best options available. More coming soon!

Jamaica Cottager Shop, Inc.

Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:

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