What Do You Know About Your Water Quality?

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Next up for discussion? Water. Our life source. The good stuff that makes it all happen.  It cleans our bodies inside and out, provides us with our food, and keeps the life on this planet going. Without water, everything stops. We won’t be the generation to ignore this and we won’t run away from the importance of keeping it clean for all of us to use.

Where does the water you use come from? More importantly, do you know what’s in it?

Despite the importance of household water to the health and life of everyone in our household, many of us do not pay attention to the source of our drinking water. In doing so, we are putting the lives of our household members at risk. This is where we ask you to help us spread the word. This is a top priority issue and we really do need our readers to take a stand for each other. Here’s a bit more info if you want to dig deeper.

Important Things to Know about Private Well

Even though the layers of porous rock naturally filter it, groundwater is known to be naturally polluted and disrupted due to its exposure to bacteria from animal and human waste. Exposure to this can lead to some unwanted stomach issues that we will gladly not go into detail about. Let’s just say you will be ‘relieved’ when its over. If you catch our ‘drift.’

Apart from the bacteria in animal and human waste, groundwater also harbors natural chemicals such as iron, arsenic, radon, and manganese as well as man-made chemicals like pesticides, gasoline, and solvents.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, here are a few things you can do if you own a private well:

  • Find out the depth and age of the private well and the length of its pipe.
  • Know the last time you tested the water.
  • Be updated on the challenges of drought and water quality in your neighborhood.
  • Contact your state and local governments to get a lab to test your drinking water at least once every year for contaminants. You should also test for nitrates especially if pregnant women and newborns take the water.
  • Contact water supply professionals within your region to conduct a test to know whether radon or arsenic is found in your neighborhood.
  • Contact a lab to test for pesticides, especially if there is a farm or orchard around your well.
  • Ensure that animal waste, chemicals, septic tanks, and other contaminants are kept away from your well.
  • Clean the environment of the well regularly.
  • Test your drinking water for any changes in its color, taste or odor.

Important Things to Know about Municipal Water Supplies

Although it is the duty of the local government authority to keep your drinking water safe through regular testing and treatment, residents also have a role to play for the water quality to be effectively protected. Once again, we want to stress the importance of making this a real issue for you and the people you love. We must do it. Spread the word and act. Simple but effective.

As a resident, you should:

  • Understand the source (rivers, lakes, reservoirs) of the municipal water system in your area.
  • Ensure that chemicals such as motor oil and pesticides are properly disposed of.
  • Make sure that the use of garden or lawn chemicals that go into the source of the water system is reduced.
  • Dispose of unused pharmaceuticals properly in the trash or at local government collection centers. Avoid dumping them in the toilet.
  • Notify the water utility of any changes in color, odor, or taste of your drinking water.

From cooking to drinking, washing fruits, bathing infants, making coffee, baby formula or juices, brushing teeth, cleaning dishes, washing wounds and so on, everybody must ensure that only clean and safe water is used.

Point made? We hope so. Let’s do it! One person at a time, talk about it and share what you know. The silence must end.

Green Energy Approved here to share the information with you that matters. Stay hungry and hunt this knowledge down yourself. However, we will still do it for you because we kind of like you like that. You are humans. We are humans. Kind of works out, right? Helping each other just feels good. Keep it up, team.

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