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The Mini-Home, A Revolution!

A trend is on the rise!

A revolution is occurring!

A new home is a click away?

Yes, that is exactly right. Maybe not one click but probably less than five.

Fun fact. Most properties from California to Maine are 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre lots.

Instead of a giant grass area requiring massive water, why not add a mini home in your backyard?

Let grandma have a place to retire in style. Kids grown up and still can’t afford a place of their own but can afford to live in a mini home in the backyard. With a DIY Home, and a solar kit (generator, panels, and energy module), you can have a fully functional home set up in a matter of days for a fraction of the cost.

Starting at $10,000 and a click away, you can add a precision-crafted mini home build kit delivered to your home!

Requiring no expert help, putting it together takes just 3 or 4 friends on a weekend.

Many people are learning to share space well and learning you don’t need to work an extra 10 years to pay for your grass area.

If a brother can’t afford a house maybe a second home on your property would be an answer.

Sharing expenses makes it much easier to prepare for times that could be difficult, or just a great way to bring loved ones back together!  At Green Energy Approved we want to provide the ideas and the options for a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

It’s all about good living and making the Best sustainable moves possible!

Check out our living “Off the Grid” post here for a quick how-to with the options we have researched and recommend.

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