Time to Reevaluate

Changing times require changing attitudes.

So many young people graduating college are coming back to live with their parents and in many cases putting strain on the living situation. Many are going into debt forcing people to stay working a job they don’t want because they are on the financial treadmill and don’t have the choice to get off.

We think it’s time to think small!

$10,000 can get you a mini home build kit delivered free of charge.

Delivering your new home to a modest property or to property already in the family! A Do It Yourself precision-crafted home is the fastest growing economical answer and is quickly becoming a new way of life.

This is an ultra-low-cost sustainable living option and by adding a solar power unit and a composting toilet you have now made this a hassle-free way that can go anywhere without requiring electrical or plumbing hookups.

Solar Power Unit:

Self-Contained Composting Toilet:

The time for smart decisions is right now and many options that were not around just a few years back are now available.

The options are endless.

If you are going off the grid, a prepper living the simple life or scaling up a property in stages, mini home build kits can rival any luxury home depending on what you want to build. From entry-level to full-blown everything, you are in control of your living situation.

Another option people are considering is a pre-built mini home on a trailer. This is the easiest option available and the most compatible with zoning regulations around the country. Models range from simple designs to cutting-edge Hi-Tech Computer Designed homes with higher standards than a standard built home!

Check out our recommended partner options:

or some of the options from our Amazon Store here:

Do Some Research:

There are many YouTube channels devoted just to this. One of our favorites is Living Big in a Tiny House with more than 3 million subscribers. Take a look and see what people are able to do when they think outside the box!

The place to find the very best products available and the lowest prices on everything for sustainable living is GREEN ENERGY APPROVED. Our affiliate programs and partners offer the very best Mini Home options and rank among the TOP Modular Home Builders in the World, allowing us to get you the best there is. And, a portion of our profits from sales goes to charity.

We are sharing with people in need and contributing to efforts drilling wells In Africa or feeding the homeless in America!

A Win, Win for Everybody.

You’re Changing this World One Purchase at a Time. Together, let’s make the move at Green Energy Approved!

Interested in more of Green Energy Approved recommended products? We have a ton of really cool stuff that’s handpicked by us and more importantly environmentally friendly, reusable, sustainable and renewable. Take a look at our official Amazon affiliate store.




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